Minga women's T-shirt
Minga women's T-shirt

Minga women's T-shirt

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minga - carry one another

(ming-gha) n. Quechua, a family of South American languages.

In a MINGA, community members gather to accomplish a task that benefits the community-as-a-whole. A MINGA is called to build schools, health or community centers, to repair roads and water systems, or to replenish forests. Similar to a barn raising amongst a cultural group such as the Amish, a MINGA gathering is hopeful, festive, and commited work by individuals, families and neighbors. Strangers become friends. Today, we join in the spirit of MINGA when we are engaging in a community or volunteer service. It is giving from one's heart and receiving so much more. As expected, MINGA exists as a concept in many other other cultures, where it is called by different names. MINGA anticipates that every person and every community, at some point, will need the help of others. Experience the life-giving spirit of MINGA and carry someone else.

  • Women's cut T
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Waterbased inks

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