Inuit scarf
Inuit scarf

Inuit scarf

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Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit - the wisdom we hand down

(khao-yee-muh-yah-tut-khang-geet) n. Inuktitut

The Inuit of Canada and Alaska offer the wisdom of ages. Through the generations, they teach to trust and serve, to be safe and offer safety, to choose with respect and responsibility, to be creative and collaborative, to be resilient and resourceful, and to care for creation. This wisdom has guided individuals, built families, sustained communities, and protected nature. It is often symbolized by an inuksuk. These large stone icons are ancient signposts of values and navigation: it can welcome guests, guide travelers, and ensure safe passage. Let the wisdom from the North guide you.

  • soft, light weight scarf
  • 100% organic cotton
  • fair labor certified
  • printed with waterbased inks
  • extra long - approximately 87" x 15" - fun to wear in numerous ways
  • makes a great thoughtful gift!
  • wash cold or warm (preferably with eco-friendly detergent), tumble dry low, do not bleach