Lagom women's T-shirt
Lagom women's T-shirt
Lagom women's T-shirt

Lagom women's T-shirt

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lagom - enough is as good as a feast

(laa-gom) adj. Swedish

Lagom describes the Swedish outlook on life of good-enough. It is a state of living that appreciates moderation, equality, and finding balance in belongings, in food and drink, and between laughter and sadness. To embrace Lagom is to seek adequate food, shelter and clothing for yourself and for others. Lagom anticipates satiation when others starve at a buffet. A sustainable community requires finding just the right measure between extremes for everyone. Experience a space between too much and too little, where you nurture your environment and your environment nurtures you.

  • Women's cut T
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair labor certified
  • Waterbased inks
  • So soft, this T will become your favorite!

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