Mudita T-shirt
Mudita T-shirt

Mudita T-shirt

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mudita - your joy warms my heart

(moo-dee-TAH) adj. Sanskrit and Pāli.

Imagine finding joy in someone else’s good fortune. This is the very heart of MUDITA. As the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh remind us, being happy for others defines a mature spirituality. There is no need to compare yourself to someone else and no need to judge, for both of you are unique. If you know envy, MUDITA is the antidote. Therefore, be grateful that there is enough happiness in the world for all. Practice this gift and let your heart be warmed.

  • Organic cotton
  • Fair Trade certified
  • Waterbased inks
  • There IS enough happiness in the world for all!

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